I would like to believe that, the consciousness of the universe is interconnected to all that exist and bring opportunities to explore the invisible though artist’s mindfulness. My works are projection of stories that always wandered through my mind, helping me lose myself in a loop of trance.
I try to combine folk motifs, patterns from nature, variable forms and crafting skills with the illusion of geometry, space and sense of motion; to create larger-than-life stories. My illustrations are primarily ink-pen on paper, evocative with a sense of lyrical line work, liner abstract-ism and eccentric in their characterisation. Since my work has always been experimental, I try to spend more time seeking perfection that invariably demand sturdy patience and respect for the work I do. Sometimes dedicating more than 300-400 hours on a single piece of work. I prepare myself before each work as I would take a new long journey with challenges to explore my skills. My motivation is to reinterpret folklores through intricate pen drawings, inspiring subjects to celebrate this amazing medium.

Right after my study as a textile designer at the National Institute of Design, India (NID), I devoted 15 years developing unique textile products, techniques and installations. In the process I established my design and production studio 'Anek Taanka', that had its own label and worked closely in collaboration with international brands, architects and interior designers. Also during this period, I was fortunate enough to be recognised as the 'Youngest Designer of the Year', and 'Youngest Entrepreneurship Award' by global body EDIDA. This led me as an industry source and my works were routinely featured in most of the design publications. Textile studio was good until I conceived my child and decided to take a sabbatical. At this time I started exploring ink pen as the medium to express the finer details that I always wanted to do (but never found time); mainly teaching myself the techniques and applications of finer craftsmanship. 
After finishing few of my initial works, I was quite sure to take this forward as a regular practice with immense perfection and building inspiring stories through my art. My output expanded to include works that displayed more personal views and interest in complex arrangement of textures and tonal impressions. I liked the fact that the pen-medium was monotoned and stood out from the sea of colours. The limitations and irreversibility of corrections challenged me in testing my skills that required a certain level of focus.
Today, the more I practice my work, I live the moment of my attention and evolve in real-time (without premeditation). I started to realise that I start with one central idea and the rest of the art keep coming together as it flows. These pen lines eventually blend with forms defining individual cluster of illustrations – contributing to the main subject.
I'm in love with what I do, whether it is my art, textile designs or doing specialised installations. My work gives a lot of chance for me to travel and interact with like minded people. I have a little miracle, Nyorah, my little daughter who keeps me young and inspired (my work series ‘journey’ is dedicated to her :). Currently I live and work in Hyderabad, India.
Contact: varsha@hobohouz.com / +91 88974 67890
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